From the mouth of babes


Geo-Politics doesn't have to be confusing

Understanding the complexities and intricacies of Middle Eastern geo-politics and how they influence diplomacy and international relations can be a daunting task. Rather than bore you with oversimplified and often historically and culturally incompetent "expert opinion" we will relate it to something we all understand...The never ending and merciless power struggle of a third grade playground....P. Johnson


Author: Phillip Thompson Bio ...nothing too impressive if something earth shattering comes to mind it will be found here


Original artist: Misato Wakatsuki

Your regular introverted artist who wants to at least reach out to the world with her art while being inside her little apartment at the same time. She is currently known for randomly posting her drawings (mostly a self-portrait) in her favorite tea shops / cafes. Adept at working on both digital and traditional art, her style usually ranges from adorable cartoon characters to contemporary dark style.




Current Artist : César A. Salazar Fagúndez

Just a simple outgoing guy who likes to tell stories and dreams to live by his own just by his brush. Obssesed with self development in arts, looks for different media where he could grow and learn more. He studied Graphic design for three years and art for several months in an academy. Passionated and naive, loves 2d animation as much as comic books and manga and his style tends to be more on the realism looking for epic fantasy and medieval themes but it's flexible.

Note: Likes outcast days and dark chocolate.


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